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Relevant publications

  1. Prudnikov E, Polishchuk I,  Sand A, Abu Hamad HMassad-Ivanirn N, Segal E and Pokroy BSelf-assembled fatty acid crystalline coatings display superhydrophobic antimicrobial properties. Mater Today Bio, 2022, 18:100516.
  2. Ostrov I, Polishchuk I, Shemesh M and Pokroy B*. Superhydrophobic wax coatings to improve dairy food quality. Appl Bio Mater 2019; 11:4932.
  3. Gorb E, Böhm S, Jacky N, Maier L P, Dening K, Pechook S, Pokroy B and Gorb S. Insect attachment on bioinspired wax crystalline surfaces formed by alkanes of varying chain lengthsBeilstein J Nanotech 2014;15:1031.
  4. Pechook S, Kornblum N, Pokroy B*. Bio-Inspired Superoleophobic Fluorinated Wax Crystalline SurfacesAdv Funct Mater 2013;36:4572.
  5. Pechook S, Pokroy B*. Self-Assembling, Bioinspired Wax Crystalline Surfaces with Time-Dependent Wettability. Adv Funct Mater 2012;22:745.

Project publications

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